Teacher Summer Write 2015

Welcome to Teacher Summer Write 2015! The purpose of Teacher Summer Write is two-fold:  help teachers find their writing voice and build a safe writing community to grow that voice. To be an effective writing teacher, we have to be writers ourselves. We can’t truly identify with students who are “terrified” of the blank page if we have never had to confront the blank page ourselves. We can’t help students learn to live like a writer if we have never had to live our daily lives being ever-present and aware of all that is going on around us, looking for meaning and significance. This is hard work. It will not be easy. But it will be gratifying.

Here is how Teacher Summer Write works. Every day (starting June 1st) I will post an invitation to write. You can choose to write from that invitation, or you can write from your life. You post a link to the blog you created in the comments section of the daily post from this blog. Then, you read three other posts and post comments about their writing on their blog. Comments are to be supportive, not critical. Respond to the heart of the writing. Tell the writer what worked for you as a reader. Most importantly, steal from each other. Try out formats. Try out lines. Try out words. This is what writers do. As they read, they find words, lines, and formats that tug at their imagination. Writers collect these things, let them stew for a bit, then ladle them out in a new way.

While I will be writing every day, you do not have to. You may post as often as you choose. You may decide you just want to leave comments on the writing of others. That is ok, too. However, I really hope you choose to write. I know it is scary to put yourself out there. It kind of feels like that bad dream we all have.  You know the one where you arrive at school, welcome your students into the day, and then look down and realize you forgot to get dressed. Writing is personal and makes you vulnerable. But until we get used to hearing our own voice and letting it speak to the world, we will never be truly authentic in our teaching. And we all know that the best, most effective teaching comes from being authentic.

So will you join me? Will you commit to writing this summer with me? Will you commit to working through the hard parts of writing, to live like a writer for just two short months? If you are ready to dive in, check out this post on how to get set up:


Do you want to see all the variety of ways daily posting can look?  Check out my other blog where I participated in the Slice of Life Story Challenge 2015 this past March.  Scroll through and you will see a wide variety of posts (slices). The writing doesn’t have to be long.  You don’t have to write a novel. We just want to live like writers and learn how to develop writing stamina.


Are you in? Set your first writing goal. How often will you commit to writing this summer? I am committing to writing every day for the months of June and July. Leave your name and your goal in the comments section of this post. I can’t wait to write with you!

Let’s do this!


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One Response to Teacher Summer Write 2015

  1. Kay says:

    Hello Summer I am excited to get started, although Memorial Day is not the the true start of summer it does start our vacation from school. I want to write something everyday. Thank you for including me.


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