Day 3


I was driving home, listening to the radio. A craze was sweeping through Twitter that day. “Your summer in 5 words”. I was able to quickly identify four of the five words, but the fifth has taken some time. Now I am ready. Here is my first word.

My Summer in 5 Words

Read  I love to read. All school year long I try to sneak bits of time in for fun reading. I can devour a new release from Harlan Coben or David Baldacci in a day. Reading for fun during the school year is a guilty pleasure. I crave it. I must do it. I feel guilty while I am, A Breath of Snow and Ashesbut some authors just can’t wait for summer. Right now, I am rereading Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series so I can read the newest book in the series.

grade2_coverOf course, there will be professional reading this summer. I am reading Calkin’s Units of Study for Writing Workshop, Grades K-5. Six grade levels, four books in each grade level. Whew!

I am rereading the Daily 5 book for an online seminar I am taking. The seminar is providing a wealth of other articles and videos to support the text.

Perhaps the book I am most excited to read is the one I just received, Jennifer Serravallo’s newest book, The Reading Strategies Book.

The Reading Strategies BookTo say I was giddy when I opened the box, would be an understatement. (Max called my laugh maniacal and creepy.) This book looks AMAZING!! From first glance, it looks as though it will prove to be a valuable resource. Over 300 reading strategies with anchor charts and teaching points for each strategy, organized by reading goal in one book–LOVE! And if that wasn’t enough, she includes which reading level each strategy would be appropriate for. Be still my heart.

Here are images of other books in my professional ‘to-read’ stack.

41K2OS8ShQL._AA160_ 51bMdyu+XLL._AA160_ 51CfDTG48OL._AA160_ 51VPLsxX-jL._AA160_61GsAQvAzgL._AA160_51o3LU1FFIL._AA160_ 51qnxa3mfqL._AA160_ I Am Reading

I wonder if I will finish them? Bets anyone?

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4 Responses to Day 3

  1. forresta0122 says:

    Summer is my time to read. I’ve picked up on “Sharp Places” by Gillian Flynn. She is the author of the book/movie “Gone Girl.” I don’t know how authors come up with some stuff. I would like to be Dan Brown and travel all over Europe to get my background knowledge before writing books such as “The Da Vinci Code” or “Angels and Demons.” Reading his books make me want to go to those destinations!!!


  2. elsie says:

    I just got my Serravallo book too. Looks incredible! She will be at the All Write conference so hopefully I will attend a session (or more) where she talks about it. That’s quite a stack of books!


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