Day 14


Last week I made a list of my favorite things ( Lists are great ways to get ideas flowing. Another great list would be for questions, the “great wonderings” kids have. In the classroom, you could have kids research to try and answer their questions and then write an informational piece about what they discovered. Here is a little poem I created from one of the “great wonderings” on my list of questions.


Six am,

Every morning,

Panting in my ear.

Eyes peering down at me,

Willing me to wake.

Then the thump of a tail,

Like a bass drum beating,

Bangs on the door, the nightstand, the wall,

Pulling me from my dreams.

Why don’t they understand I have nowhere to go?

It’s summer!

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One Response to Day 14

  1. forresta0122 says:

    Waking up on your own at 6 AM is awful, too. I wish my “clock” knew when it was school time and I needed to wake up early and when it was summer time and push my wake up time back.


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