Day 25


I got a new laptop yesterday.  My old one was on its last legs and I didn’t want it to die during the school year.  It takes me awhile to get used to new keyboards and new operating systems.  I spent all yesterday afternoon and evening installing programs, learning Windows 8, and installing some of my stuff to make my new laptop feel like home.  I noticed my new laptop had a really loud fan.  I kept thinking I could live with it.  By the end of the night I decided I couldn’t.  It was driving me insane.  I took the thing back to Best Buy this morning with the hopes they could fix it.  They could not. They offered to trade me for another new one.

I have spent the day redoing all that I did yesterday.  UGH!  I do not like redoing work I have already done.  It seems like a waste of time.  I was, however, able to come up with a lovely comparison to writing. (You had to know this was going somewhere.)

When I was in school, publishing consisted of copying the entire piece over again and correcting all the red marked errors the teacher had “edited” for.  Now we teach kids to publish for a purpose, to write for a real person.  We teach them that we revise and edit because we care about our reader and we publish so we can finally get our thinking to them.  Publishing in today’s classroom actually has a purpose.  It is not just simply “recopying”.  Thank heavens times have changed!

Think about how you help students publish in your classroom without it being a “copy over” task. How do you get kids to buy in and get excited to the publishing phase of the writing process?

Happy writing!

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