Day 27


This is late.  Sorry.  I thought I would go out and pull weeds in my river bed this morning while it was cool.  I had done over half of it a couple of weeks ago. How long could the rest take?  Two hours later, I came in.  I took a shower and a nap!   Then, we went to eat.  Then, we went shopping.  Then, I came home and took another nap.  (Yes, two naps in one day.  Quite remarkable, huh?)  Then, we went to church.  Then, we met some friends for fro-yo.  Then, we went and played at the park.  Now I am home and sitting down to blog.  (Yes, my repetitive sentence structure was intentional.  🙂  Thanks for noticing!)

In between naps, I checked my email.  I found a gem of a quote I want to share with you. I’ve been turning it around in my mind since I read it.  Here it is…

No one is born a writer. You must become a writer. In fact, you never cease to become, because you never stop learning how to write. Even now, I am becoming a writer. And so are you.–Joe Bunting on The Write Practice, June 27, 2015

I think what is speaking most loudly to me in this quote is that becoming a writer is a journey we never finish.  We will keep “becoming writers” until the end of our days. There is always room for improvement.  Always ways to refine what I do with my words.

I wonder how our students would feel about these words?  Would these words change their perception of writing?  Would these words help them to see that writing is something they will constantly grow and develop for the rest of their life?  Would these words cause them to take writing more seriously?  Would these words allow them to become more willing to play with their own writing more?

What about you?  What do these words say to you?  How do they change your perceptions of this subject we have to teach?  Do they help you realize you don’t have to “know it all” to be a writing teacher? What are you thinking now?

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