Day 29


Can you believe June is almost over?  I’m in shock!  June has been a fabulous month.  Lots of sleeping, reading, and doing nothing.  How perfect is that?

I went to the mailbox today, and this little poem developed in my head.


Open wide

Let me check

Has he brought me anything yet?

Ah-ha, there are gifts waiting for me,

Hmm… what have we here?

A bill,


Another bill,

Yuck. Yuck.

And still, another bill.

Yuck. Yuck.  Yuck.

No, I do not need any furniture.


No, I am not interested.


No, I do not like your restaurants.


Where are the cards from far away?

Where are the letters from old friends?

Where are the “Hello, I’m thinking of you” notes

Jotted on pretty paper?

The magazines,

The catalogs,

The dream creators?

Where are these?

This was a disappointing walk.

What ordinary task can you capture in words today?

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One Response to Day 29

  1. elsie says:

    You are amazing me with your posts all month. What a writer you! Great poem today and how true. Mail does not bring personal touches, I guess that’s left to Facebook these days. How sad.


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