Day 34


Happy Independence Day!  I hope you can enjoy today with family and friends and give thanks to those who have fought for us and this gift of independence we have.  It is easy to take for granted.

I read a blog post recently about running out of creative steam.  It compared creativity to a rain barrel. When you are creative, the water runs out. As we walk through life, we collect emotions, observations, and experiences that fill our barrel back up.  The post suggested four ways to refill your barrel.

1.  Read.  We all know that writers need to read.  When writers read, they are able to study how other authors crafted their words on the page.  Reading gives us ideas and thoughts that we can explore with writing.

2.  Reset.  The author talks about applying yourself to another craft or hobby that has nothing to do with writing.  This will allow you to give your brain a rest.  We rest in between days of weight lifting to give our muscles a chance to reset.  We need to let our brains reset as well.

3.  Relax.  I love this one.  She says, “Relax is scary because it means this:  Give yourself permission to suck.”  Scary thought for a perfectionist like me.

4.  Rest.  “Stop writing and walk away.”  I think this one is pretty clear.

Here is a link if you would like to read the post yourself.  It is definitely worth reading.  I especially like the quote from Maureen Johnson.  There is a lot of wisdom in this post that I think we would be wise to take and put into our classrooms.

I started out the summer saying I was going to write every day for June and July.  I am not changing that goal.  I am going to write.  I don’t know that I will be posting on this blog every day in July.  I am participating in Kate Messner’s summer writing camp that starts on Monday.  It is not too late to sign up.  Here is the link so you can check it out.

She has a variety of authors that come in to share writing tips. It sounds like an amazing opportunity just to learn more strategies for how to work through getting thoughts and ideas on paper. I can’t wait to see how it works and to try it out!  It will be an perfect way to refill my creativity rain barrel.

What about you?  Will you join me in one of the four R’s today?  Will you step out of your comfort zone and join me at “writing camp” next week?  It’s going to be amazing!

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Day 33


Today is Friday and that means it is time to join the five minute friday community with the word for today.  Our word is…favorite.

Add you voice to the mix at

Happy writing!

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Day 32


Today I am taking Sam and his best buddy, Eli, to Six Flags as Sam’s birthday party.  His birthday was in April.  (Don’t judge me.  I’m aware it’s July.  I already know I’m out of the running for ‘Mom of the Year’.). Sam is super excited to ride roller coasters ALL.  DAY.  LONG!  He has been planning this day for months.  I do not do roller coasters.  It all started at Six Flags when I was four-years-old.


We were getting ready to go to Saudi Arabia in September.  Mom and Dad had pulled me out of Kinder Care and had a girl a couple houses away from our house babysit me while they were at work.  One day, Dad decided to take my babysitter and me to Six Flags.  I’m not sure why.  As I type this, it makes absolutely no sense, but whatever.  We go, we ride all the little kid stuff.  Dad and my babysitter are dying to ride The Screaming Eagle.  But they are stuck with me.  They convince me riding The Screaming Eagle will be fun.  They convince me I am going to LOVE it!  

I screamed the whole time.  I wanted off. When I finally got off, I threw up.  All over everyone and everything.  Serves them right!  Ever since, I have hated roller coasters.  

So no roller coasters for me.  Today, I will be reading.  I am packing four books.  That should cover me from opening to closing.  

Do you have any traumatic stories from childhood?

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Day 31


Last night, my son and I were sitting together on the couch.  I was deeply engrossed in a book I was reading, Listen, Slowly, and wanted to finish it before I went to bed.  Sam was playing various games on his tablet.  After awhile he said, “I love June.  It’s my favorite month.  I hope it never ends.”  

I looked up at the clock and replied, “You have 37 minutes left in your favorite month.  You better enjoy them.  Oh wait, they added an extra second to today.  Maybe that will help stretch it out.”  

He was less than thrilled with my snarky response.  😉

With the arrival of July, I start to feel the days of summer draw to an end.  I go back to work at the end of the month, and my days of lazying around in my jammies come to a close.  I thought this might be a good time to reflect on my 5 little words of summer.

My big goal of writing every day is going well.  I have been.  Wahoo!  I see myself growing as a writer.  I signed up to participate in Kate Messner’s Teacher Write month on her blog.  It starts in July.  (I truly had never heard of it before.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered someone else and I had the same idea and relatively the same names for our idea!)

I have been reading.  I have made it through all of the 12 K-2 Units of Study Series books so far.  I just have 3-5 to go.  Another 12 books.  I have read a ton of other professional books as well, 3 completely and 5 I’m still working through.  

My garden is thriving.  I have green tomatoes, baby jalapeños, baby onions, baby carrots, and baby green beans.  The zucchini seeds I put out last week have already sprouted.  

Today I will finish remodeling Sam’s room.  We bought him a new bed and that meant a room overhaul.  The bed comes this afternoon.   (I love Amazon Prime!). And tomorrow I take him and his best buddy Eli to Six Flags for the day.  Next week, we leave for Florida.

I have been walking.  I would say I am averaging 6 days a week.  Yay, me.
And the ukeulele.  I’m sure you are dying to know how that little project is going.  Well, you will just have to wait for Max to come home from camp.  When he returns next week, then I will be able to share an update with you.  😀

How are you doing on your 5 words of summer?

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Day 30


It is Tuesday and time for Slice of Life.  Add your slice to the community.

Here is a link to mine if you need inspiration.

Happy Writing!

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Day 29


Can you believe June is almost over?  I’m in shock!  June has been a fabulous month.  Lots of sleeping, reading, and doing nothing.  How perfect is that?

I went to the mailbox today, and this little poem developed in my head.


Open wide

Let me check

Has he brought me anything yet?

Ah-ha, there are gifts waiting for me,

Hmm… what have we here?

A bill,


Another bill,

Yuck. Yuck.

And still, another bill.

Yuck. Yuck.  Yuck.

No, I do not need any furniture.


No, I am not interested.


No, I do not like your restaurants.


Where are the cards from far away?

Where are the letters from old friends?

Where are the “Hello, I’m thinking of you” notes

Jotted on pretty paper?

The magazines,

The catalogs,

The dream creators?

Where are these?

This was a disappointing walk.

What ordinary task can you capture in words today?

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Day 28


It is Sunday, and if you haven’t added your “celebration” to Ruth Ayres’ blog, it isn’t too late.

Here is mine, in case you are interested.  🙂

Happy writing!

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